Be A Rock’n Star

Become a Rock’n Star with Us!

The Rock’n Star Ranch is a well rounded education centre that hosts many different opportunities for learning throughout the year, including clinics in:

  • Hoof Care
  • Horsemanship
  • Hackamore & Bridle Horse Development
  • Mountain Trail on our very own ‘Mangled Meadows’
  • And More Specialized Disciplines!

The Classroom

The Rock’n Star has a fully functional classroom with multi-media capability on site in the barn and is one of the only facilities in the lower mainland that offers a classroom amidst a ranch setting for a mixture of hands on learning and classroom work.  We are also the home base of Kheiron College of Equine Therapy!

Unique Lesson Series

During the summer Rock’n Star plays host to a collection of lesson series that offer students the opportunity to get involved in something a little unique.  These education events are geared towards the following (as well as others not listed):

  • Adventure Trail Skills
    • Preparing for real life trail experiences away from home, including first aid on the trail, safely securing your horse and common safety rules
  • The Art of Garrocha
    • Learn this beautiful and forgotten art and it’s benefits to the modern rider and horse.
  • Hoofball for Horsemanship
    • Develop timing, skill, and good habits while having a blast with your horse and fellow riders!
  • Doma Vaquera
    • Doma Vaquera or Working Equitation uses a variety of obstacles such as cones, poles, bridges, gates, water crossings in addition to dressage to test the skills and the responsiveness of the horse and rider.
  • ‘Respect the Beef’
    • Working with cows using the slower ranch style which keeps both horses and cows in a calm state of mind.

To check out the latest lesson series offered, please visit our Events Page!

If you would like more information on how to get involved, pricing, and how to register, please contact us at the Rock’n Star and we’d be happy to help!


Our Address:

699 261 Street
Langley, BC
V4W 2K9

(604) 856-2967


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